My name is Salva González and I am a Spanish multidisciplinary designer of honest, useful and empathetic things that tell stories. Originally born in Salamanca, I live and work in Madrid.

I develop visual identities, digital solutions and other associated material working hand in hand with my clients in order to identify and clarify core values to make relevant and tailored solutions. I work either for big companies or people who are starting their business.

I am a professional with over ten years experience in the strategic definition of design services, from research, discovery and knowledge in visual communication, marketing and UX. My value lies mainly in the vision of how design can help industries to improve their business and adding value by solving the problem.

# 1 →

The whole process starts with the analysis of the project and its context in order to get the conclusions that will guide us during the next steps.

# 2 →

This is the time of defining how our story is going to be told: values to communicate, attributes, positioning and tone of voice.

# 3 →

Using the information we extracted before and with the objetive of getting an exceptional story that means something, I carefully define and create the different elements that form the visual identity.

# 4

Once the identity is successfully designed, the last phase consists on applying it to the different required products, always making sure that it works as we want it to.

Areas of Expertise


I help companies and entrepreneurs to get a consistent brand identity in every application, publishing, packaging, digital products… I create mean full stories from business ideas.


I develop digital products with great functionality and brand consistency. Examples include websites and apps focused on user experience.


Based on its values and attributes, I tailor packagings that let the consumers know about the product even before they try it. 

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